Technology Papers

The following on-site pages prepared by Go Green for the information of both home owners and developers who which to incorporate our innovative technology.

Abbreviations and Terminology - Explanation in plain English of the terms used in the waste water industry
BC sewage regulations-Health Act - Exerts from the various acts, essential information for obtaining a permit
Waste Management Act 1999 - covers high volume sewage systems or those dispersing into a river or lake
Environmental Impact Study Guidelines - requirements to be meet under the Waste Management Act
Federal water regulations - Applicable to marine installations
Technical description of Go Green systems - suitable for inclusion in developers proposals
Go Green Service Agreement - for the purchaser of our systems
Go Green Installation Manual- for installers and maintenance operators
Go Green Franchising - business opportunity
Go Green Brochure- available on request or printable on line
Go Green inspection form -

Links to other websites
Jet Aeration - an alternative system for providing aeration of treatment reactors
Brentwood Industries - world leader in large water treatment systems
Orenco - excellent descriptions of advanced water treatment technology.
Georgia Straight Alliance - dedicated to protecting BC coastal waters. Brochures available
Sol-Air Systems inc. - ultraviolet technology
Wastewater Treatment Basics - clear explanation of chemical reactions involved
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC- licensing of "Registered Practioners"
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