Process Description

Go-Green Sewage and Wastewater Treatment System Ltd. (Go-Green) has developed a package-type biological sewage treatment process for marine,household and sub-division use. The system uses an attached growth fixed film reactor technology. The elements of the treatment plant are:

1. Two-component septic tank for pre-treatment
2. One fermentation chamber containing spherical plastic packed bed fixed media
3. One aerobic treatment chamber containing spherical plastic packed bed fixed media
4. One final clarifier with a Biotube effluent filter at its outlet
5. Treated effluent pump chamber
6. One submerged aerator to supply air for treatment and to provide mixing

Sewage flows through the entire process by gravity, entering each chamber through a tee at the top and exiting from another tee at the bottom. The large size of the plastic media precludes any potential for clogging.

A small amount of excess sludge generated in the aerator chamber settles in the quiescent zones of that chamber (where mixing activity is minimal) with the majority settling in the final clarifier. Excess settled sludge is pumped out periodically from those chambers.

Materials of construction consist of high density polyethylene containers, PVC piping and a 1/6 HP Go Green submerged aerator. The Biotube effluent filter is schedule 40 PVC, manufactured by Orenco Systems Inc.

The plastic media is constructed of high density polyethylene under a patented design that has been in use since 1995.

All components of the treatment plant are CSA approved. All access hatches are sealed lids made of fiberglass. Sub-surface installations include a concrete containment tank in which the plastic tanks are placed. The only visible feature is an alarm system which is triggered if the tanks become too full, and can be deactivated manually.
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