Service Agreement

Go-Green systems sold in British Columbia and Alberta include a one year inspection service agreement, effective from the date of commissioning (startup), but not to exceed a period of 18 months from the time of installation. The Go-Green units are inspected by approved and trained technicians at regular intervals, at least every six months or more frequently as required to conform to effluent sampling intervals.

1) Each inspection includes inspection of all mechanical and electrical components. An effluent quality inspection is performed consisting of a visual check for color, turbidity, scum overflow and examination for odors.

2) If any improper operation can not be corrected at the time of inspection, the Service agent will notify the owner of the improper condition(a) and shall provide an estimated cost to correct, if any, and the date for such a correction to occur.

3) The first inspection shall occur shortly after a system is commissioned, to assure the installation was done in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and recommendations.

4) The service agreement does not cover the cost of collecting water samples or laboratory tests, which shall be agreed upon between the service agent and the owner. Sampling can usually be done at the time of routine inspections to minimize the cost to the owner.

5) It is recommended (and may in future be required) that the owner agree with a qualified service agent to renew the service agreement at a fee to be negotiated between the agent and the owner.

6) The tanks, connecting piping and the media in Go Green systems are warranted for a period of 5 years from the time of sale (parts only). Labor costs to replace parts are not included in the warranty unless such replacement occurs during the period the original service agreement is in effect. In the event that the service agent involved is not affiliated with Go Green, parts for replacement must be returned to a Go Green office or agent.

7) Pumps, aerators, ultraviolet radiation equipment, and dispersal field components are under the original manufacturers warranties only,which can vary from 1 year upward.

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