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Case Study 11 - Self Installing

Location - Sunny Bay Resort, Alberni Canal, Vancouver Island

Type of site - existing septic tank to handle grey water (no toilet waste) with discharge from the main building into the Alberni Canal.

Design criteria - Upgrade the present system with additional treatment to lower discharge levels from present permit standard of 130 BOD and TSS to a level below 45/45, the current standard for marine discharge..

Solution - Four - 250 gallon tanks, preloaded with media, were built in Vancouver and taken by trailer and barge to the location. With tanks of this size, it is possible to provide aeration to the fermentation chamber via an external 12 volt motor, as shown in the second photo. The pipe extending from the top is the aeration exhaust.

Installation - April, 2005. Installation by the owner was a simple matter of positioning the tanks, attaching the pvc pipes in the tank bulkheads and glueing. The aerator motor was placed on the tanks and wired to an existing outlet. Power is supplied by a solar panel located on the roof of a second building. This type of power supply can be used on all go green systems, even if there is not a lot of sun, because the power required is minimal.

Testing- The intent is to sample the system at 3 month intervals, and to apply for a new permit with the Ministry of Water, Air and Land Protection as needed.


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