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The Go-Green Concrete tanks come in various sizes to fit specific needs. It is even possible to use a mixture of concrete and polyethylene tanks. The pictures to the left are taken at the manufacturing plant. The main treatment tanks come in sizes from 600 up to 3000 imperial gallon capacity. As an approximate guideline, the tank weight in pounds is 10 times the gallon capacity. Some tank designs come in either one or two piece designs. The two piece design for the 1100 pound tanks are such that the maximum weight that has to be transported and lifted into place is 4500 pounds. Case study 12 shows pictures of excavator equipment that can handle that weight.

After placement a sealing compound is used to join the tanks, it dries in approximately 24 hours and the tanks are then completely watertight. There is a rubber gasket at inlet and outlet holes, embedded in the center of the concrete to prevent sliding. A steel self tightening clamp around the PVC pipe assures a water tight seal (see photo top left). Plastic risers in increments of 6 inches are sleeved into each other to the desired height for access, and padlocked to prevent tampering (photo at left) The riser lid is frost resistant and the flat lids provide sufficient strength that you can drive a vehicle over them (making placement of the tanks under a driveway possible). The media is shipped inside the tank surrounded by a fiber mesh. Meets all specifications in the new Sewerage System Standard Practice Manual.

Combination A shows two 900 gallon tanks attached to a single filtration system dispersal field. When installed the tanks are buried with the top usually 1 foot below grade and the pipe to the dispersal field is a straight horizontal pipe.In an actual installation the dispersal field is located where soil conditions are best, and can be some distance from the treatment plant. Recommended for up to 3 bedroom homes.

Combination B is 2-1200 gallon tanks with a 350 gallon pump chamber, attached to a dual dispersal field, and is recommended for 4 to 6 bedroom homes. The third tank to the back right of the photo is not part of the system.

Combination C is 2-1500 gallon tanks with a 350 gallon pump chamber and a dual dispersal field. This combination is for 7 to 10 bedroom homes or duplexes on one property with a single owner. The photo shows the tanks only which are 6 feet by 10 feet and 76 inches high.

For price quotes, visit the contact us page. If you have one of the shown combinations in mind, you can specify that in the comments section on that page. Click the link below to see more combinations using concrete tanks.

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