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Modular Products

The Go-Green Polyethylene tanks come in many designs to fit specific needs.

Combination 1 shows a self contained 800 gallon treatment system including a 200 gallon septic tank. The white pipe extending to the upper right of the tank is attached to a dispersal field filtration system. In an actual installation the dispersal field is located where soil conditions are best, and can be some distance from the treatment plant.

Combination 2 shows a 400 gallon septic tank (black, left foreground) attached to the 800 gallon self contained system. This layout allows for higher overall volume, and also more consistent treatment when the effluent levels fluctuate.


Combination 3 shows a high strength 900 gallon septic tank(the accordian shaped dark green tank) attached to the 800 gallon self contained system of combination 1. The high strength tank is ideal if the septic tank is to be located under a garage or a driveway, since you can drive a car over it quite safely.


Combination 4 uses 4-250 gallon tanks for the treatment portion in place of the 800 gallon tank of combination 3. The independent tanks within the treatment system are ideal for self installation, since the tanks can easily be lifted and positioned without a crane. The self installing system case history describes how this can be done.


Combination 5 uses an 1100 gallon reinforced septic tank, an 1100 gallon self contained treatment system. A pump chamber of 480 gallons(also available in 250 gallon size) controls the flow to to the dispersal field. This is the optimum design for most complete treatment of the effluent, and hence for minimizing the size of the dispersal field. Suitable for 5 to 8 bedroom home.

For price quotes, visit the contact us page. If you have one of the shown combinations in mind, you can specify that in the comments section on that page. Click the link below to see more combinations using concrete tanks.

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