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Go Green can provide custom sized water treatment systems to meet the needs of anything from a trailer or fishing boat up to a residential sub-division. The following are the recommended sizes and design for specific applications. All products are warranted for five years subject to certain conditions. For price quotes, visit the contact us page and be sure to specify the system and options desired.

System 1 - Onboard system for boats - Suitable for up to 8 people, where there is a limited water supply so average per person useage is is less than 20 gallons per day. Maximum capacity is 200 gallons/day. Can be mounted in various configurations to fit where space is available. 24 inches by 49 inches, 44 inches high. Tanks are made of PVC, easily installed by boat owner. Price does not include shipping.

System 2 - Mobile home, houseboat, eco barge - Tanks are mounted in line, maximum capacity 250 gallons/day. Can be installed in less than 2 hours, under a mobile home with a minimum clearance of 36". 98 inches by 81 inches, 30 inches high. PVC tanks, various colors on request, standard color is green. For houseboats, effluent is discharged into the ocean via a 30 foot free moving pipe. Approved by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Large houseboats can use several of these systems configured to serve various sinks or toilets. Price quote on request, shipping not included.

System 3 - Up to 4 bedroom home - Maximum capacity is 375 gallons/day. The two 1200 gallon tanks are made of precast concrete, for subsurface installation. Service and maintenance agreement included. Available only in British Columbia and Alberta. Price quote on request, cost does not include site assessment, permits, installation, and dispersion field, unless the purchaser wishes to retain Go Green as project manager.

System 4 - 6 to 8 bedroom home - identical to system 3, except that tank size is 1500 gallons, allowing for a maximum capacity of 650 gallons/day

Optional extras
        1) Ultraviolet disinfection - recommended in some cases
        2) Chlorination unit - not recommended because of high maintenance
        3) Denitrification - system is modified with additional piping for effluent recirculation
        4) Solar panel - powers the aerator and pump
        5) Grease filter - typically for commercial kitchens
        6) Second backup pump -see photo, the small green circles are the pumps

Replacement parts
       1) 1/6 to 2 horsepower effluent pump - pump is manufacturers warranty.
       2) Aerator - also manufacturers warranty
       3) Media upgrade and replacement - Requires certified operator to install
       4) Effluent filter

Large Systems
      Large treatment systems for industrial use or subdivisions are normally designed using 2000-14000 imperial gallon tanks, with several Go Green systems operating sequentially to process the waste water. Our personnel will be happy to visit your site and design a system meeting your special needs.

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