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Case Study 4 - Marine Toilet

Location - Nanaimo

Type of site - general purpose moorage facility, no existing toilet facilities near by

Design criteria - create a small floating toilet for both men and women

Solution - A Barge will be built by the Nanaimo Port Authority to the design provided by Go Green, with men's and women's toilets and a control room between them housing the pump motor for a Go Green system 1. The tanks themselves will be below the barge deck, with effluent to be dispersed into the harbor. (tank design as for fisheries camp)

Installation - spring of 2005

Case Study 5 - Fisheries Camp

Location -Rivers Inlet, 150 miles north of Vancouver

Type of site - Department of fisheries floating campsite used seasonally as a base camp for fish contents, located near shore on a small lake

Design criteria - Floating marine sanitation device to be used by a maximum of 6 people, with high effluent quality for direct dispersal into the lake

Solution - International Marine Flotation Devices built the barge using engineering drawings created for Go Green. The tanks where mounted in the center of the barge, then concrete poured over the top to seal the system except for the risers.

Installation - The system will be towed up the BC coast and along Rivers Inlet, then go a short distance by truck to the lake site (see last photo).

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