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Case Study 2 - Fishing Boat

Location - home port is Steveston, British Columbia

Type of site - Ocean Viking, formerly a fishing boat, which has been converted for use in cruising, with onboard sleeping facilities, with a crew of 2 and up to 6 passengers

Design criteria - The fresh water supply is limited, and there is no laundry so water consumption was calculated at 20 gallons/per day/per person. The system has to be small, to fit the limited space.

Solution - A Go Green system 1 was installed in August of 2004 along the length of the boat. The tanks were mounted in line in a wooden chamber, overall dimensions 24" x 49" x 44" high. Effluent is discharged below the water line. Depending on available space, the tanks could have been configured differently.

Case Study 3 - Eco-Barge

Location - mobile, or moored at any wharf

Type of site - Existing self contained aluminum barge, intended as a service facility for boats to offload effluents, administered by a harbour authority. The present design has a 2000 gallon holding tank, and is towed to a different location for pumping. The barge has become corroded with effluent and is producing odour's detectable in shoreline homes.

Design criteria - High effluent quality and no odour are required, as this is a highly visible, public facility. Fecal coliform has to be near zero for discharge in the harbour.

Solution - A new barge will be built, equipped with a Go Green system 4. Tank sizing depends both on the barge size and the traffic volume of boats that are anticipated to use the facility. A flexible hose attaches to the effluent discharge port on the boat (they are a standard size) and locks in place. Pumping rate is anticipated to be 40 gallons/minute. An ultraviolet treatment system will be added between the clarifier chamber and the pumping chamber to kill any remaining bacteria. A separate shoreline system will be equipped with men's and ladies toilets, separated by a small service area which can contain monitoring and pump facilities.

Installation - Spring, 2005.

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