Dispersal field
Industrial Installations

Case Study 8 - Industrial Complex

Location - Langley, British Columbia

Type of site - Commercial office building, with several toilets serving 8 people. An existing septic tank system had plugged the dispersal field adjacent to the parking lot, causing effluent to sit on surface.

Design criteria - Biological treatment would have to be higher than normal for a household, due to the high concentration of fecal matter. The dispersal field could not be enlarged due to space limitations.

Solution - A custom Go Green system 3 was installed in February of 1999 along the side of the building. The clarifier and pump chambers used 900 gallon tanks, adequate for the volume of influent. To assure thorough treatment, the anerobic and aerobic tanks were sized at 1100 gallons.

Permits - None were required because of the existing system. The Ministry of Health had to approve the design to upgrade the facility. Under current laws, a permit would be required.

Performance - Within two months the dispersal field had unplugged itself and the bacteria growing on the piping had disappeared. Testing of effluents showed BOD5,TSS and fecal counts less than half of those required under effluent class 3, the toughest standard. The system performed so well that installations with this level of influents would use now be designed with all 900 gallon tanks.

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