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The system is an advanced wastewater treatment system that includes a series of tanks which carry out secondary biological treatment ( fixed biofilm technology).

Step one - removal of solids in a settlement chamber (similar to a septic tank).
Step two
- the overflow moves to the fermentation chamber by gravitational flow, where it is exposed to naturally occurring microorganisms (bacteria) that feed on the biological waste. A plastic media to which the microorganisms tend to attach themselves enhances the biological reactions and spreads them throughout the chamber.
Step three - The wastewater (effluent) then moves to another tank, where an aerator fan injects oxygen. This converts the biological reactions from anaerobic (without oxygen) to aerobic (with oxygen), allowing different reactions to occur. This chamber also is equipped with a media to increase processing.
Step four - The gravitational flow continues into the final clarifier chamber where settlement of any solids remaining in the effluent will occur.
Step five - From the pump chamber the effluent is periodically pumped into a lake, river, ocean, or through a sand filter for dispersal via percolation into the soil
Options - A bio-filter can be installed to remove any suspended particles before the effluent is passed to the pump chamber. If denitrification (removal of ammonia nitrogen) is required a feedback pipe (not shown) passes the effluent back to the solids chamber for reprocessing. Design variations depend on the type of wastewater to be treated and the amount of the inflow.
Marine systems -use PVC tanks (see top picture at left). Land based systems are enclosed in precast concrete modules and installed subsurface. The rectangular chambers at the top of the diagram(risers) provide access to service the system, with the top at surface level secured by a special locking mechanism.
Advantages - The system is extremely quiet since the only moving parts (the pump and aerator) are enclosed in the tanks. An alarm system will warn the user in the unlikely event that a blockage occurs in clarifier or pump chambers.

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