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Case Study 1 - Houseboat

Location - Naden Harbour, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC

Type of site - Floating hotel, mounted on two separate floats, each able to house 18 guests. One of the Houseboats has a guest kitchen

Design Criteria - Noise free operation and effluent discharge that would not disturb the pristine waters were essential. Kitchen waste needs to be separated from toilet waste for maximum system performance

Solution - Four Go Green treatment plants were installed, two to serve up to 9 guests each, one for the staff, and one to handle the kitchen equipped with a grease trap. The tanks have overall dimensions of 81" x 90" x 30" and are mounted under the floats. Each is equipped with a 30' free floating pipe from which the effluent is discharged.

Permits - None required since this is a marine installation under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Department of Transport. Regulations which will come into effect in 2006 will require BOD5 and TSS under 50 mg./l, and fecal count under 250 mg./l.

Installed - May 2004, trouble free to date.

Update - In June of 2005 a third houseboat designed as a staff quarters left Vancouver equiped with a Go Green water treatment system identical to the first one. See the photo to the left.

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