Case Study 16

Installed tanks

Installing the dispersal field
Installed dispersal field
Land Based Installations

Case Study 16 - Sustainable Forest

Location - Cortes Island,BC

Type of site - The Trust for Sustainable Foresty headed by Ann Mortifee purchased a tract of land from Weyerhaeuser destined for logging and are developing 8 low impact housing units in this virgin forest.

Design criteria - Provide a wastewater treatment system that would blend naturally into the environment and not disturb the ecosystem.

Solution - A prototype system was installed in the greenhouse adjoining the existing home of one of the principles of the Trust. The tanks where brought to the site in Go-Green's utility van and moved on wooden skids to the house (see photo 1). Installation in a sun-lite corner allows for minimal use of space and may actually help to sustain heat in the building. (see photo 2). The dispersal field is a mere 12 feet long by 2 feet wide, dug by hand and sand filled between the boulders and driftwood, part way down slope from the home. (see photos 3 and 4). Note 2 infiltrators were installed parallel to each other to get the required length. The area will naturally overgrow in a short time with no erosional impact.

Installation - November 2005. The owner was supplied with a test kit and log manual. Samples will be taken every 3 months and sent to a Vancouver Island lab to assure the system is working properly.

Phase 2- The 8 new 3 bedroom homes will be supplied with 800 gallon tanks and slightly larger dispersal fields (36 foot to 48 foot).

Conclusion - Ecological solutions are available today!


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