Case Studies

Every water treatment system is a little different. The case studies show the challenges faced and the solution.

Marine Installations
 1. Houseboat, Northern BC
 2. Fishing Boat,Steveston
 3. Eco Barge- servicing a harbour
 4. Marine Floating Toilet - harbour patron use
 5. Fisheries Camp-seasonal operation, in a lake
Land Based
 6. Multi Bedroom Home-poor percolation soil
 7. Failed septic tank- permits and installation in 10 days
 8. Industrial Complex - kitchen and several offices
 9. Mile High Resort - 30 cabins, nearby wells
10. Residential subdivision - steep terrain
11. Self Installing - solar powered grey water upgrade
12. Concrete Self Installed - solar powered for a near-shore summer home with a dispersal field
13. Mobile Home - with remote located dispersal field
14. Fraser river houseboats - single system serving 45 houseboats to meet new marine discharge standards
15. Okanagan summer home - failed septic tank replaced with class 3 system and small dispersal field
16. Cortes Island house - dispersal field was installed in west coast rain forest without cutting a single tree




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