Case Study 13
Preparing the pipe

Pulling the pipe

Soil Footprint
Tanks and mobile home
Land Based Installations

Case Study 13 - Aldergrove Mobile Home

Location - 80 acre lot, farm land, Aldergrove,BC

Type of site - An existing house using a well for the water supply burnt down. A mobile home was moved to the location to house 2 people as caretakers of the property. The property is to be subdivided into 16 lots when the city installs water connections.

Design criteria - The mobile home will be replaced by a new 4 bedroom house, so the treatment system was designed to handle that.

Solution - Because of the large lot size, it was decided that the dispersal field would be located on high ground well away from the well and access road, some 400 feet from the mobile home location. Two 1100 gallon concrete tanks and a 400 gallon pump chamber were installed, which can handle pumping up to 25 vertical feet, although in this case the difference is only 5 feet.

Installation - June 2005. The tanks were installed near the mobile home (see bottom photo). A short trench was dug from the pump chamber with a turn to point it in the direction of the dispersal field (top photo). A trencher was used to pull the pipe 400 feet through the soil at a depth of about 1 foot (second photo) . The third photo shows the minimal surface footprint created using this method, which is the same one used for sprinkler systems on farms. In addition, the cost of installing this way is much lower than if a trench was dug and refilled. The dispersal field is visible in the background, with a fence installed to keep the local cow population away.

Permits - A soil engineer working in conjunction with Go Green approved the design, which was registered with the health authority in Aldergrove. This is the standard procedure under the new Water Treatment regulations.

Mobile Toilet - The bottom photo shows how a mobile toilet can be attached directly to the treatment tanks if needed during the construction phase of the future homes.

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